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March 31, 2011


One thing I don’t like about pet car seat covers is that dog hair gets embedded in the fibers.  Another think I don’t like is that even though they are washable, they are sometimes too thick and heavy to put in an ordinary washer.  I like the fleece pet car seat covers because they are much lighter and easier to wash.  They still get covered in hair because Sephi and Maya shed like crazy all year around, but the hairs don’t get embedded into the fibers as easily.  I just take a rubber dog brush, sweep away, then wash.  A rubber dog brush generates static electricity which make the hair stick to it.  It is simpler to use than the roller tape brushes and it is gentle on the fleece fabric of the pet car seat covers.

Fleece pet car seat covers are also durable.  They do absorb up with wet muddy paw prints a little too easily, but it is a durable fabric.  That is one reason why a lot of dog toys are made out of fleece fabric.

The best thing about the fleece pet car seat covers is that they are relatively inexpensive as compared to other pet car seat covers.  I am still waiting for the perfect pet car seat covers (ones which repel pet hair and muddy paw prints, are easy to clean, are durable, and are inexpensive) but the fleece pet car seat covers are a good alternative in the meantime.

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