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March 13, 2012

We recently discovered a new informational website which promotes pet travel safety. Perhaps you have seen them, dogs hanging out the window of a car, sitting on the driver’s lap, or riding in the back of a pickup? The dogs get our attention because they are cute, right? But the situation they are in is not safe.

Paws to is working to change our perception on pet travel by helping us to recognize unsafe situations. By putting your pet in a pet travel safety restraint, you are helping to protect your pet in the event of a car accident, just like wearing a seat belt helps to protect us. But restraining your pet in the car not only protects your pet, it protects you and the passengers as well.

According to their website, unrestrained pets cause 30,000 car accidents each year. How? By being a distraction to the driver. Certainly someone driving a car can’t help but to be distracted by the poodle in their lap. And some dogs, like my Labrador, are hyper in the car and can be a distraction when they stand on the center console and pant in the driver’s ear.

Another way that a pet travel safety restraint protects the driver and passengers is by preventing your pets from being a deadly projectile. In the event of a car accident, even a small dog can cause serious injury or even death to the person he is thrown into.

If you protect your pet in the car with a pet travel safety restraint such as a dog car harness or secured pet travel crate, join the Paws to Click movement today by joining their website and signing their pledge today. Learn about their V9DT durability standard for pet travel safety. It costs you nothing but can save the thing you hold most dear – your family.

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