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 Petmate Pet Taxi Kennel, For Small Pets 7 to 9 Inches Tall, Blue Air/Spa Teal

Here are some other great pet travel products that we have heard about. For various reasons, we do not have them available on Pet Auto But you can read a little about them here and purchase them on

Solvit Pet Net Barrier
We like how this pet net barrier goes almost all the way to the top. It appears easy to install. And it looks like you can see through it. It has 45 reviews on Amazon and an average of 4 out of 5 stars. Most people say it works great. The few complaints from these reviews are that if it bends, it is difficult to straighten. Some say that it obstructs their view while others say they can see through it just fine. And as with all pet net barriers, some dogs have been able to circumvent it.

Traveling With Your Pet: The AAA PetBook
Amazon has this great preview feature which allows you to look through the first several pages. From what we can see, this book is very informative. It includes tips on traveling with your pet, covers some emergency situations, talks about dog friendly places and lists lodgings and campgrounds in the US and Canada. The “Traveling with Your Pet: The AAA PetBook” has 28 reviews on Amazon and an average of 4 out of 5 stars. The few bad reviews were that the listings for hotels and such were not very complete and that the lodging information is best found online and by calling the hotels directly. By the way, I will be purchasing this book soon and will do a full review later.

PetMate Pet Travel Crate
This is one of the pet travel products I really wish we had on Pet Auto Safety. One of the safest ways to protect your pet is to put them in a pet travel crate, then to strap that crate in with kennel restraints. We have kennel restraints but the only crates we have on our site are wire crates. The plastic crates from PetMate would be perfect for pet travel. We are in the process of offering PetMate Pet Travel Crate products in the future. But for now you can get it on Amazon. It has only three stars on Amazon and 82 reviews. The negative reviews said that the plastic was too flimsy for actually carrying the crate while your dog is in it. We recommend that you put the empty crate in your car, strap it in, then put your dog in the crate.

Pet Gear Travel Lite Pet Ramps
We used to have pet ramps on Pet Auto But they were very expensive. So when our supplier went out of business, we stopped selling them. Pet ramps are still relatively expensive pet travel products. But we have found one on Amazon for a reasonable price. Pet ramps are perfect for older dogs who have a difficult time getting up steps or into vehicles. This particular product has four stars on Amazon. The people who gave fewer stars claimed the ramp was too steep, their dog was afraid of it, or it was difficult for their dog to get a grip on the surface. Don’t get this ramp if your vehicle is really high off the ground. The grip issue can be solved with a beach towel and the fear issue can be resolved with training.

Travel Calm Chewable Tablets
Does your dog get nervous in the car? These Travel Calm tablets may help. This product has four stars on Amazon but only nine reviews. Of the nine, two were bad reviews. One person said their dog wouldn’t eat it and another person said it didn’t help their dog. My guess is that since there are seven other great reviews, this product will help most dogs but may not help some dogs. For a product under $10 it is worth a try.

I must confess that we have not tried these products out ourselves. But they have good reviews on Amazon. And they are products which we may consider having on Pet Auto in the future. For now, you can visit our Amazon Pet Travel Products Store for these great pet travel products.

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