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February 21, 2012

Bergan Replacement Tether for a Dog Car Harness

We here at Pet Auto have had some customers concerned about the length of the tethers for their dog car harness. A two foot tether for a large dog seems too short. But there is one very good safety reason for why the tethers are no longer than 24 inches.

Imagine getting in a car accident with your dog. In this car accident, your dog is likely to get tossed around quite a bit. Therefore, the shorter the tether, the less tossing, and the less likely your dog is to be injured. All the manufacturers advise to keep the tethers on the dog car harness as short as comfortably possible for your dog. You may want to give your dog freedom to move around, but you also want to make sure you are not compromising his safety.

If your dog is sitting or resting, the tethers can be kept very short without interfering with your dog’s comfort. But if your dog is standing the tether seems too short because the dog car harness may pull to the side. The manufacturers assure us that this does not interfere with the safety of the harness. It is safer for your dog to teach him to sit or lay down with a short tether or to let the harness pull slightly to the side than it is to give him a long tether.

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