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February 11, 2012

kurgo_black_hammock.jpgAuto Zip Line for a Dog Car Harness 2 

The manufacturer of our Kurgo brand pet travel products is so confident of the quality of their products that they have instituted a lifetime guarantee on almost all of their products. Since we carry many of the pet travel products from Kurgo, we get to pass on this fantastic Lifetime Guarantee.

The Kurgo pet travel products that fall under this lifetime guarantee include the Tru-Fit dog car harness, the Auto Zip Line for a dog car harness, Car Door Guards, Kennel Straps (also called Carrier Keeper), Backseat Barrier, Backseat Bridge, Skybox Booster pet car seat, Cargo Liner Cape, the Wander Hammock, and others. All the ones we have just listed here are available at Pet Auto

The best part about the Lifetime Guarantee from Kurgo is that it covers all sorts of damage. Not only does it cover natural wear and tear, but it also covers chewing damage and soiling damage. So if your dog chews his dog car harness or leaves an ugly poo stain on the Wander Hammock, then Kurgo will repair or replace it.

There is a nominal fee for this service. The Tru-Fit dog car harness, Auto Zip Line, Car Door Guards, and Kennel Straps will cost $6 to repair or replace while the Backseat Barrier, Backseat Bridge, Skybox Booster pet car seat, Cargo Liner Cape, and Wander Hammock costs $10 to repair or replace. Please note that the shipping cost is also charged. But the shipping cost is not inflated. Kurgo will charge the exact same shipping charge to you as it costs for them to ship it. No packaging or handling fees.

So if you have one of these Kurgo pet travel products and need it repaired, we will get you in contact with Kurgo for instructions. They will need you to complete a return and exchange form and ship the Kurgo pet travel product to them. It doesn’t matter how long ago you bought it. And it doesn’t matter whether you bought the Kurgo pet travel product directly from them or from any of their distributors (including Pet Auto

To find these great pet travel products from Kurgo on our website, enter ‘Kurgo’ in the search field. Please note that other pet travel products may show up in the search. Clicking on the specific pet travel product will bring you to the product description page. This page will tell you if that particular pet travel product is from Kurgo and if it has the Lifetime Guarantee.

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