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January 16, 2012

We just posted about one of our new pet car travel products, the Auto Zip Line from Kurgo. But this isn’t the only one of our new pet car travel products. We have several. Keep checking us out for more reviews on pet travel products such as the Backseat Bridge from Kurgo, the Car Door Guards from Kurgo, replacement tethers from Bergan for just about any dog car harness brand, and the AngelGuard seat belt protector.

For years I used the Extend-A-Seat from Outward Hound. But after an incident with my new dog Pierson who got a severe bloody nose, I decided to replace it with the Backseat Bridge from Kurgo. It is a bit more expensive but it is well worth it. It is much stronger and does a much better job of acting as a barrier between seats. It also has those nice flaps against the seat so that my dog doesn’t accidentally step in the space between the bridge and the seat. I just added the Car Door Guards as well (not yet added in photo of my car above). It is the same khaki color as the Backseat Bridge and goes perfectly with my new car interior. I have not yet decided if I am going to use the Auto Zip Line. The Auto Zip Line gives more freedom for my dogs to move around, but that could be harmful in the event of an emergency car maneuver. The Auto Zip Line from Kurgo is great for dogs who MUST move around in the car or they will be anxious. I also don’t use the AngelGuard. It is not needed for the Bergan or PetBuckle dog car harness brands. And it won’t work with the Guardian Gear or Cruising Companion dog car harness brands. The AngelGuard is only helpful for dog car harness brands like the Tru-Fit Smart dog car harness which uses the entire seat belt system of the car to restrain your dog.

Visit us again for more information on these great pet car travel products, new to Pet Auto in 2012!

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