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January 14, 2012

Auto Zip Line for a Dog Car Harness 2

January is the start of a new year for a bunch of new pet travel safety products. Although the Kurgo Auto Zip Line has been around for some time, it is the first time that we here a Pet Auto Safety are selling it. Why didn’t we sell the Auto Zip Line before? Because we are a small company and can’t afford to keep a huge inventory of so many different products. But after hearing so many great things and after getting a request from a customer, we decided to check it out.

And boy are we pleased! The Kurgo Auto Zip Line is a great way to allow your dog to move around more in the car. If you have a calm dog, there is no need to get the Auto Zip Line. But if your dog is like my Labrador Maya who likes to move around a lot and go side to side to check out the windows then the Auto Zip Line is perfect.

The Kurgo Auto Zip Line is used in conjunction with any of our dog car harness brands. It allows your dog to move back and forth in the back seat but keeps him from going forward. It will also keep your dog from jumping out of the car when you open the door. The Auto Zip line comes with a leash which you can simply disconnect from the Kurgo Auto Zip Line and walk your dog out. No more bolting from the car!

Keep visiting our blog to find out about our other new pet travel safety products.

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