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Keep Your Dog from Jumping Out the Window

Not only will the dog not be able to put their head out the window, they won’t be able to get their body out either.  Dogs are instinctive creatures and if something catches their attention, such as another dog, a squirrel, or other animal, they may go after it without a thought.  Perhaps your dog is too smart to do this, but why take the chance?

I had a dog about 15 years ago who jumped out the car window while we were on a dirt road and passing a bunch of cows. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt. I was going slow because I was on a dirt road. It was a short time after this when I bought pet safety restraint products for the first time.

This is reason #5 about why your dog should wear a pet safety restraint. See previous blog posts for the first four, then stay tuned for the remaining five.

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