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Pet Auto Safety Products as a Gift?

Author: MayaAndPierson
December 3, 2011


Giving someone a pet auto safety product as a gift for their dog could be interpreted in the same way as giving someone exercise equipment or a cook book for beginners. These gifts say you need to lose weight or you can’t cook. So does giving a pet auto safety product say you need to properly care for your dog?

It might. It depends on what you are giving, who you are giving it to, and why. First, let’s examine the what. A dog car harness may send the wrong message. But what if it’s a stylish dog car harness that they can also walk their dog with? Then the gift might be considered more thoughtful. A pet car seat could also be considered a thoughtful gift for someone who loves to pamper their small dog.

Who you are giving the gift to can also make a difference on what message you are sending. If you are giving a dog car harness to your son or daughter, it’s okay. Giving hints about what they should and shouldn’t do is expected from a parent. But giving a pet auto safety product to a co-worker may not be considered as thoughtful unless you are good friends and you happen to have heard that co-worker talk about getting a pet auto safety product for their dog in the past.

Are you giving a pet auto safety product to someone because you saw their dog hanging out the car window too many times? Or are you giving it to them because you know they really care about their dog? Perhaps they never thought about a pet auto safety product for their dog before, right?

Giving the gift of a pet auto safety product to your close friend or family member can be a thoughtful gift. If you are concerned about how they might interpret the gift, try bringing up pet auto safety casually in a conversation. This way you get a sense for how they feel about pet auto safety products. And if you have talked to them previously, then they may be flattered that you remembered what they told you in that conversation.

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