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Dog Seat Belt

If people are more likely to survive a car accident if they wear a safety restraint, wouldn’t the same apply to our pets? Dogs may be even more prone to injury due to their smaller size and inability to brace themselves. Your dog could be injured by something as simple as a sudden stop or swerve. But keeping your pet safe isn’t the only reason your dog should use a pet safety restraint in the car. We have ten great reasons. Here is the first:

Keep Your Dog from being Hurled Onto the Dash
If your dog is wearing a pet safety restraint, sudden unexpected stops or swerves won’t cause the dog to fly forward into the dash, the back seat, or onto the floor.  Dog’s noses are very sensitive.  Hitting their nose on the dash or back of the seat can be a very painful experience. Your dog could also break his teeth or even his jaw on the dash in a sudden stop or car accident.

We will be posting the other nine reasons your dog should wear a pet safety restraint through the end of November and throughout December. Stay tuned!

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