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October 25, 2011


The Bergan dog seat belt is new to our site. Although we have had many dog seat belt brands on our site since its inception in 2006, we couldn’t pass up adding the new dog seat belt from Bergan. It is one of the most versatile dog seat belt brands in that there are no limitations what kind of vehicles they will work in and they will fit every size of dog, including the largest of dogs. But what we like most about the Bergan dog seat belt is the extensive strength testing that has been completed on it.

Our Kurgo and Pet Buckle dog seat belt brands have also been well tested for strength and durability. But the Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart dog seat belt uses the loop system to restrain your dog and we feel that an energetic dog can get tangled in this mechanism. The Pet Buckle is the only dog seat belt that has extended their strength testing to actual crash testing with dog dummies, but it only comes in a small or a large. They also use the loop system but can come with a tether that only works in 2001 model cars and later.

V9DT is the first standardized test for the dog seat belt. Bergan has completed this test and the results will be posted on the V9DT site soon. While the results are not yet available to download, they are complete and the Bergan dog seat belt has been given the V9DT seal of approval. You can find out more about the V9DT Test Standards at and the V9DT Test Procedures at Knowing the extent of such testing, we are confident in the quality and safety of the Bergan dog seat belt.

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