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October 18, 2011

Putting the Bergan dog car harness on your dog is easy. Sizing it, however, is another matter. The directions provided by the manufacturer come with photos of how to put on the dog car harness, but not on how to adjust the size of the dog car harness. There are written instructions but without corresponding photos, one is left to guess. So in order to help you out, we have put together a list of instructions along with our own corresponding photos of how to put on and adjust the Bergan dog car harness.

Step one in putting on the Bergan dog car harness is to unclip the harness at the back. Then lay the dog car harness flat on the ground with the Bergan logo facing down. The part of the dog car harness with the Bergan logo on it is the top part.


Then, have your dog step over the dog car harness with his front feet in the open spaces. Your dog’s head will be facing the top of the dog car harness.



Once you dog is in place, pull the dog car harness up and clip it on the back. The dog car harness will be very loose the first time you put it on. Adjusting the size around the neck and the chest of the Bergan dog car harness works in tandem. By making the neck strap smaller, the chest strap gets bigger. Don’t worry, the chest strap can then be shortened without making the neck bigger. This is important to know because this means that you will need to adjust the neck size of the dog car harness first.

Adjust the neck size by pulling the strap through the padded front of the dog car harness. Be sure to do this on both sides for an even fit.



Once the neck strap of the dog car harness is fitted, you will need to adjust the chest strap. Rather than pull the chest trap through the padded front of the dog car harness like you did for the neck, you will pull the strap through the buckle at the top.


When the neck and chest straps are well fitted (snug like a dog collar), you can cut off the excess strap. If your dog is still growing, leave as much length as you think will be needed, plus three inches. If your dog is at his maximum size, be sure to leave at least three inches of strap.

Once your dog is fitted into the Bergan dog car harness, you will not need to go through these steps again. You will, however, need to verify the fit from time to time in order to make sure it remains snug and to adjust for any weight gain or loss.

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