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October 15, 2011


As you know from the recent post on the new dog car harness from Bergan, the Bergan dog car harness works differently that our other dog car harness brands. The Guardian Gear and Cruising Companion dog car harness brands buckle directly into the seat belt receptacle, the Tru-Fit and Pet Buckle dog car harness brands use the loop system, and the Pet Buckle brand also uses a tether which attaches to a latch bar.

The Bergan dog car harness doesn’t work in any of these three ways. Like the Guardian Gear, Cruising Companion, and Pet Buckle dog car harness, it uses a tether. But that tether is not depended on a fitting seat belt receptacle or latch bar. It can clip on to any seat belt system.

The photo above shows how the Bergan dog car harness tether uses the carabiner to attach and secure your dog in the car. One end of the carabiner clip is attached to the back of your dog’s harness while the other end is clipped between the folds of the seat belt attachment (pictured below).



If the seat belt receptacle attachment will not easily accommodate the carabiner, you can simply buckle the seat belt strap in and wrap your carabiner around it (pictured below).


The use of the carabiner is quick and easy. For further simplicity, you can leave the carabiner attached in your car and simply attach the other end to the harness part of the Bergan dog car harness when your dog gets in the car. If you have any questions about how the Bergan dog car harness works, please feel free to contact us. We will post another article in a couple of days showing how the Bergan dog car harness is put on your dog.

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