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August 1, 2008

kurgobarrier.jpgDoes your dog like to try to join you in in the front seat of your car when you drive? Does your dog try to lick you or sniff you while you are driving? Dogs moving around freely in cars can be a serious a safety hazard to themselves, the driver, and the passengers. A pet car barrier keeps everyone safe by creating a strong wall between the front and back seats of the car. This wall keeps the dog safely in the backseat. The main benefits for keeping your dog in the back seat include:

*     Should the car stop suddenly, the dog might be kept from flying forward into the front seat or out the front windshield.

*     Helps restrict excited pups from distracting the driver by moving between the front and back seats of the vehicle.

*     Should an accident occur, your dog will likely remain in the back seat and away from airbags. (Airbags can kill rather than save your pet.)

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