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September 1, 2011


Pet Auto has lots of pet car hammock products including the Guardian Gear pet car hammock, Wander pet car hammock from Kurgo, and the Outward Hound pet car hammock.  All the pet car hammock products at pet auto are similar in style and use.

A pet car hammock helps to keep your dog in the back seat.  And it also helps to protect your dog in a minor accident.  Because a pet car hammock covers the floor of the back seat, your dog won’t get thrown onto the floor if a minor car accident should occur.  A dog getting thrown onto the floor could suffer broken bones.

Best of all, a pet car hammock also protects your car from muddy paw prints and dog hair.  The pet car hammock products work by hanging off the front and back headrests of your seats.  If you back seats do not have headrests, then you probably will not be able to effectively use a pet car hammock.

If the pet car hammock products all work the same, what makes the pet car hammock from Outward Hound different from the other pet car hammocks on Pet Auto  The biggest difference is the price.  The Outward Hound pet car hammock is the least expensive.  The cloth is a bit thinner than the cloth of the other pet car hammock products, but it is just as durable.  And the Outward Hound pet car hammock does not come with all the added features that the Wander pet car hammock comes with (ie water bottle and carrying bag).

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