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The Extend-a-Seat from Outward Hound is a simple pet product for your car that covers the floor of your car.  Its obvious use is that it gives your dog more room in the back seat.  But did you know that it also provides a form of protection?

Have you ever slammed on the brakes and your dog flew forward into the back of your chair?  Did he fall on the floor?  Someone told me once that their dog had gotten thrown forward in such an awkward way that he broke his leg.  And this was because of a fast stop, not a car accident.  Imagine an actual car accident where your dog gets thrown on the floor.  I was in a wreck once where my seat was pushed back.  If there had been a dog back there, he would have been squished.

If your dog won’t wear a dog seatbelt harness or doesn’t do well in a pet carrier, protect your dog in the car by covering the floor with an Extend-a-Seat.  My dogs wear a dog seatbelt harness but I also have the Extend-a-Seat.  This is because I have the strap of their dog seatbelt harness a little long so that they have more freedom to move around on long trips.  Our pets are important to us.  Keep them safe and don’t wait for the worst to happen before you consider their safety.

Disclosure – Unless your dog is also wearing a dog seatbelt harness, the Extend-a-Seat may not protect your dog much in an actual car accident.  Getting thrown forward out the windshield is still a very real possibility.

***The Extend-a-Seat has been replaced by the Kurgo Backseat Bridge. Both products are essentially the same except Kurgo’s products have a lifetime guarantee and the Backseat Bridge is reversable black or tan.
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