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August 11, 2011

dog car seats

The manufacturer has discontinued the paw print dog seatbelts.  As of the date of this post, we still have all sizes available.  However, this could change at any moment.

The paw print dog seatbelts work just the same as our standard dog seatbelts.  They have two pieces – the harness piece and the strap piece.  The strap piece attaches to the harness on one end and buckles directly into the seat belt receptacle of your car at the other end.  The only difference between the paw print dog seatbelts and the standard dog seatbelts, besides the color, is that the paw print dog seatbelts have a little bit of a thicker material due to the sewed on design of paw prints.

Both these dog seatbelts help to protect your dog in the event of a car accident.  If the paw print dog seatbelts are gone by the time you read this post, the standard dog seatbelts are just as good though not as fashionable.

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