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July 17, 2011


We see it all the time – dogs riding in the back of a pickup.  We cringe when we see a dog standing on the pickup bed rails with his head hanging out.  We gasp when the pickup takes a sharp turn and the dog struggles to maintain his balance.  Some of us have actually seen a dog get thrown from the back of a pickup.  In some cases, the dog died instantly when he hit the pavement and in some cases he was killed when he was immediately struck by another car.  It is a tragic way to lose a beloved pet.

We here at Pet Auto prefer that dogs do not ride in the back of the pickup.  But if you must, please consider having your dog tethered in the back of the pickup with the K9 Truck Tether.  In some places, such a tether may even be required by law.

The K9 Truck Tether will allow your dog some maneuverability in the back of the truck, but not enough to allow him to stand on the rails or get thrown out.  It is made with nylon webbing and steel hardware.  And it has a swivel buckle which will help keep your dog from getting tangled in the webbing.

Because the K9 Truck Tether is made by Kurgo, it is a very high quality product.  It has been travel and strength tested.  While it would be safer for your dog to ride in the cab of a truck wearing his dog car harness, the K9 Truck Tether is at least safer than wearing no pet restraint at all.

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