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July 8, 2011

The Hatchbag Pet Net is installed in your vehicle with a dual lock hardware kit.  The kit includes six each of 1″ mounting squares, dual lock circles attached to a black cord, and spring loaded barrel locks (pictured below).


The mounting squares have adhesive on one side and a very strong velcro-like material on the other (pictured below).  Be assured that this is no ordinary velcro.  It is very strong and cannot be pulled apart once attached to the dual lock circle.  Please note the special cleaning instructions.  The silicone or oil cleaners used on vinyl will prevent the adhesives from sticking.  Sot the vinyl must be cleaned with lacquer thinner.  The adhesives must be put in place and pressed for about 20 seconds, then left to cure for about 24 hours.


Once the mounting squares are in place, take the dual lock circle and firmly press it onto the velco-like material on the square (pictured below).  Pull the cord to make sure the two pieces are strongly attached.  These two pieces will always remain in your car until you permanently remove the adhesives with adhesive remover.


Now you are ready to attach the Hatchbag Pet Net.  The Hatchbag Pet Net has six eyelets.  There is one at each corner and two one either side in the middle.  Take the cords from the dual lock circles and thread it through the eyelet twice.  Then take the barrel lock and press it down so that it reveals another hole (pictured below).


Lastly, pull the cord of the dual lock circles through the hole of the barrel lock until the barrel lock is snug against the Hatchbag Pet Net.  Release the barrel lock and the cord will stay in place (pictured below).


To remove the Hatchbag Pet Net, simply release the barrel locks.  Leave the dual lock circles with the dangling cord in place.

Please note, the Hatchbag Pet Net is designed to keep your dog from being thrown into the front seat in the event of a car accident.  The Hatchbag Pet Net will also deter most dogs from trying to jump or climb into the front seat.  However, a determined dog may be able to circumvent the Hatchbag Pet Net at the sides.

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