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It’s not just about pet travel safety.  It’s can also be about comfort for your dog.  If you dog is not comfortable in the car or in his pet travel safety device, he may cause problems in the car.  A dog who does not do well in the car may be a dangerous distraction to the driver.  Every three days we will post an article about a specific behavior a dog may exhibit in the car.  Today, we have outlined possible solutions for dogs who are scared to ride in the car.  There will be three more posts after this for the car sick dog, the dog who has separation anxieties in the car, and the hyper dog.

The Scared Dog
Some dogs just don’t like to ride in the car.  They are terrified.  When the car turns or stops, the dog feels out of control because he can’t keep his balance.  The movements of the car may make his stomach upset.  What can you do to help him?

Start by taking him on short trips to places your dog loves to go.  When you need to turn your car down another street or needs to stop, take it slow.  The less abrupt the stop or turn the better.

Another thing you can do to help him is make him feel more secure.  Having him wear a dog seatbelt or being confined in a crate may make it easier to keep his footing during sudden car movements.  A dog seatbelt will keep him secure in the seat so that he doesn’t get tossed around as much when the car is moving around.  Keeping him in a crate may make him feel more secure – especially if he is crate trained.  A crate for a domestic dog is like a den to a wolf.  The crate or den provides a place of security.  Be sure to strap the crate into the car with kennel restraints so that the crate doesn’t get tossed around.

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