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Help! Crazy Dog Traveling in the Car

Author: MayaAndPierson
May 21, 2011


Dog Seat Belt
(Maya the Crazy Lab)


We recently had a call from a customer who said their dog is very hyper in the car.  So far, nothing has worked.  He jumps right over the pet net car barrier, tries to climb through the metal pet car barrier, and won’t stay in a dog car harness.  So what else is left?

Honestly, as far as pet auto safety products go, there is not much else that will safely keep him in the back seat.  What is left is training.

Maya is crazy in the car too.  She paces and whines for the first 15 to 20 minutes of the trip, depending on how far we are traveling.  The first day I brought her home, she didn’t have a dog car harness so she was all over the place.  She climbed from the back seat to the front seat, then from the front seat into my lap.  I accidentally ran a red light because I was distracted from trying to push her off of me.

Since I knew her energy, I knew a pet car barrier wouldn’t keep her in the back.  So, just like I did with Sephi, I trained her to wear a dog car harness.  I had her wear the dog car harness around the house when I was at home and able to watch her to make sure she didn’t chew it.  Maya played in the harness, relaxed around the house in the harness, and went for walks in the dog car harness.

Within a week or two, it was time for another car ride to the vet for her booster shots.  Her experience in the car was much better.  With her dog car harness, she wasn’t able to jump in the front seat.  And she didn’t even realize it was the dog car harness that was keeping her back so she wasn’t inclined to chew on it.  Ever since then, she has done just fine in the car.

If you have a crazy dog traveling in the car, I highly recommend you try the dog car harness.  Don’t put your dog in the dog car harness right away.  Train them to wear the harness for a while first.  Then after a couple weeks, or even a month or two depending on your dog, try taking them in the car with their dog car harness.

Maya Puppy in Car Wearing Dog Seat Belt

When Maya was a puppy, her first dog seat belt was an untested restraint. It kept her from trying to climb on my lap, which she desperately wanted to do.

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