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May 9, 2011

Thankfully, no one and no dog was hurt in this rearend collision today, but I feel aweful.  I’m supposed to be all about pet auto safety.  Buckling up my dogs is not enough.  I have to drive safe too!!

Generally, I am a very safe driver.  I haven’t been in a car accident in years.  But today was my unlucky day.  I had just taken my exit off of I-70.  There is a yield sign after the exit ramp.  The car that was coming from the other seemed far enough along that I didn’t realize that the car directly in front of me had yielded to it.  It was completely my fault.  I made the wrong assumption.  I slammed on my breaks but my car didn’t stop soon enough.  I bumped the other car’s rearend.

My car says Pet Auto on the rear windshield so I was driving while advertising safety.  But what was even more ironic was that the license plate of the car I hit had a personalized license plate that said the name of a dog breed.  We are both dog lovers.  Neither of us were traveling with our dogs, thank goodness.  Most likely, the dogs would have been okay.  But I feel absolutely aweful that I could have hurt someone and/or their dog.

The bump was very minor.  Our vehicles weren’t even damaged at all.   And the accident occurred at less than 10 mph.  So with my sincerest apologies, we went our separate ways without making a report.

Thank you, fellow dog lover for your understanding.  I am really really sorry and am very glad that you are okay.

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