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April 21, 2011


A few years ago, I got into a car accident.  It was Thursday afternoon, the day before Good Friday.  My boss let us off early for the upcoming holiday.  Little good did that do since everyone else’s boss did the same thing.  Traffic was a mess.

While traveling about 30mph on the highway, an SUV suddenly decided to come into my lane right where my car was.  I didn’t have time to stop and he hit my car.  Thankfully, it wasn’t a bad accident.  My airbags didn’t deploy, my car wasn’t forced off the road or into another car, and no one was hurt.  We were even able to move our vehicles off the roadway.

But what if my dogs had been in the car?  What if they weren’t wearing their dog car harnesses?  The accident was not that bad for me, but I had been wearing my seat belt.  At 30mph without a seat belt, I would have been tossed a bit.  Sephi and Maya standing up in the seat without wearing dog car harnesses would have been tossed a bit more.  They could have been tossed into the back of the seat.  If they went face first, they would have ended up with a serious and painful injury to their noses.  If they went sideways, they could have gotten tossed onto the floor and broken a leg.  If they had their heads out the window at the time, they could have gotten a serious throat injury.  If there were smaller dogs and had their heads out the window, they could have been thrown out onto the street and run over.

Needless to say, when we left for Texas on Good Friday morning, Sephi and Maya wore their dog car harnesses.  And they wear them every time they ride in the car.  I am not taking any chances with my girls.

(Photo above is of Sephi and Maya in the car.  They have their heads in the middle of the seats because I use the Guardian Gear dog car harnesses which have an adjustable length tether.  For long trips, I keep the tether long so they can move around and I cover the floor with the Extend-A-Seat.)

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