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July 22, 2008

Taking your dog to the river for a swim is great summer fun. But getting the car wet and possibly muddy is not. Neither is soaking your car seats with the smell of wet dog very enjoyable. And smells like that can stay and stay and stay. Traveling with your dog can be convenient if you can find a pet sitter or dog hotel, but dog hair getting all over the car is not so convenient to remove. And your dog may love taking a short ride with you in the car but you don’t like the drool he leaves all over the vinyl or fabric door panel. There is a solution for people and pets who love to travel together. Several products are available which will help to keep your car clean and new looking.

Car Seat Covers
The most common protection you can get for your car is a car seat cover. You can purchase a back seat car cover or a front single-seat car cover. (Just remember if your dog travels in the front seat, passenger side airbags should be turned off or non-existent.) The car seat covers keep mud and pet hair off your seats and they are usually machine washable.

Cargo Liners
Cargo liners can be custom fitted for over 175 models of SUVs, station wagons, and mini vans. They will protect the back part of your vehicle from almost anything, including dog hair and muddy paw prints.

Door Guards
A fairly new invention from Kurgo is the car door guards. Car door guards are great for protecting your car doors from dog drool.

Pet Hammocks
Front seat and back seat hammocks will help to not only keep your dog off the floor, but they will help keep pet hair off your seats as well. Keeping your pets from getting thrown onto the floor can also keep your pet from being injured. They are not as safe as seat belts but some security is better than none.

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