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How Kennel Restraints Work

Author: MayaAndPierson
April 3, 2011


Pet car barriers are great, but if you really want your dog to be safe, have him wear a dog car harness or put him in a crate and strap the crate in.  These are the two safest pet auto safety methods around.  Pet Buckle is a company which makes the best pet auto safety products.  They have the Pet Buckle dog car harness and Kennel Restraints – both of which have been truly crash tested.  (Crash testing costs millions of dollars and so far, Pet Buckle is the only company which has paid to have official crash testing done on their products.  Other companies may claim it, but Pet Buckle is the only company that can prove it.)

Some dogs won’t tolerate a dog car harness so putting him in a kennel instead is a good alternative.  If you have a plastic crate that will fit in the back seat of your car, then the Kennel Restraints will work perfectly.  The Pet Buckle Kennel Restraints come with two adjustable straps.  Lay the straps vertically parallel down the back of the seat.  Take the seat belt of the car and buckle it in over the straps.  Then set the plastic crate over the straps.  Once done, take the straps and fold them around the crate.  Strap them in and tighten.  Put your dog inside the crate and you are ready to go!

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