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March 25, 2011


Carrie, the owner of shares her experience with buying our products in a three part series called “Dog Safe Travel Around Town and on the Highway”.  On February 28th, she tells her experience about traveling with her pets.  She says about us, “After the beginning of All Things Dog Blog, I met a new friend through the blog. The owner of Pet Auto Safety, has introduced me to safer options that I never knew existed.”  Click here to visit her blog and read Part I of “Dog Safe Travel…”.

On March 8th, she posts Part II of her series and tells us a little bit more about her dog Oliver’s experience with his pet car seat (Oliver in his pet car seat pictured above).  Here is a partial quote from her blog, ” Transportation issues change when you risk a large dog stepping on a small dog in the back seat, so we’ve taken precautions to protect little Oliver.

Since Oliver’s inclination has always been to stay by my side (he is a ‘companion’ breed, after all), he’s much happier when in the front seat. There are only a few safe options for this scenario; we picked a raised car seat, pictured above. While there are different types, mine is a model that has 3 straps attaching it to the seat, so there’s a pretty fair backup system in place. An adjustable strap inside the seat area attaches to your dog’s harness with a clip. This gives you the ability to decide how much he can move around inside the seat.”  To read more, click here to visit her blog and read Part II of “Dog Safe Travel…”.

In Part III posted on March 16th, Carrie talks about Tanner’s experience with the Pet Buckle.  In her blog post, Carrie says, “My only surprise was that the buckles are as strong and secure as our human seatbelt buckles are. That loud click sent me a clear message: Tanner will be safe in this seatbelt. I liked that.”  Click here to visit her blog and read Part III of “Dog Safe Travel…”

Visit again for more great posts from Carrie.  She doesn’t just blog about pet auto safety, she blogs about All Things Dog! 

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