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February 26, 2011




If you are afraid that your dog might chew on his dog car harness, here are a few tips which might keep your dog from damaging the device which could save his life:

*Get your dog used to wearing the dog car harness by allowing your dog to wear the dog car harness around the house.  Only let him wear it when you are able to watch him.  When you see him chewing on the dog car harness, say “no” or “eh eh”.  Do fun activities with your dog while he is wearing the dog car harness.  If you have a dog car harness in which the seat belt attachment can be removed, take him for a walk with his dog car harness on.  You can also do other fun activities while your dog is wearing the dog car harness, such as playing fetch – just remember to help your dog learn to associate his dog car harness with fun stuff.

*Begin taking your dog on short trips while he is wearing his dog car harness.  If possible, have someone sit in the back seat with him to give him the “no” command or by distracting him with a squeaky toy.  Be sure that your short trips are not to someplace where you would have to leave your dog alone in the car.  You can go to a bank or fast food drive-through, to the park, or to a pet store where your dog is allowed to go inside with you.

*Another thing you might try is to spray the dog car harness with bitter apple spray or another anti-chew but safe spray.  Or make your own spray by mixing water with cayenne pepper or peppermint.

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