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February 17, 2011


Suppose you get in a car accident with your dog in the car.  And suppose he was not wearing his dog seatbelt.  Worst-case scenario, he is seriously injured.  If he’s lucky, he is not badly hurt – but he is terrified.  Let’s look at what could happen in either case.

If your dog was not hurt after a car accident where he was not wearing his dog seatbelt, he is still traumatized.  After such a terrifying experience, his instinct is going to tell him to run.  So if there is a broken window or other means of escape, he is likely to use it.  And he is going to run fast and blindly.  If he runs in the street, he might get hit by a car.  If he manages to avoid getting hit by a car, he is going to run a long way before he finally stops.  This means he is likely to get lost.  Being lost without his loved ones would be almost as terrifying as being in a car accident.

If your dog is hurt after a car accident, he is going to need medical attention.  But most likely, an injured dog is not going to let strangers touch him.  How are the police, firemen, or medics going to help him if he tries to bite them?  If he doesn’t try to bite them, he is going to try to struggle to get away from them.  Dogs don’t understand someone is trying to help them.  All they know is that they are hurt and strangers with an unknown intent are near them.

A dog wearing a dog seatbelt won’t be able to escape from the car. Just like a personwearing a seatbelt, a dog wearing a dog seatbelt can still be injured.  But an injured dog wearing a dog seatbelt will not be able to struggle as much and will be easier for emergency personnel to restrain and aid.  So a dog seatbelt isn’t just to protect your dog during a car accident.  It is also to protect your dog after a car accident.

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