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February 14, 2011


Sephi loves her dog seatbelt.  But if you think your dog will hate a dog seatbelt, consider the various other pet travel supplies available on the market.  Keep him safe by keeping him in the back seat with a pet barrier.  Keep him secure in a pet travel crate strapped in with kennel restraints.  Or keep him comfortable in a dog car seat.

Love your dog this Valentine’s Day and keep him safe when he travels.  Spring is coming soon and he will want to go to the dog park and enjoy the sunshine again.


Love is playing in the park. Love is expressed in a joyous bark.
Love is taking him to the vet. Love is when he is more than just a pet.
Love is good food that puts him in a happy mood.
Love his giving him a nice warm bed even though he will shed.
Love is a nice long walk and a wagging tail.
And love his keeping him safe, whatever that might entail.


Say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to your best friend.

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