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February 11, 2011


Why are so many dog car harness brands in plain boring colors?  Well, not all of them are.  Check out the houndstooth dog car harness.  It comes in pink and white houndstooth, brown and white houndstooth, and black and white houndstooth.

But the houndstooth style doesn’t just apply to the dog car harness.  There are houndstooth pet car seat covers in the same colors.  The houndstooth dog car harness and the pet car seat covers are not only stylish, but good quality.  The only thing with the houndstooth dog car harness is that it does not fit small to medium dogs very well.  It is a better fit for really small dog or for large and extra-large dogs.

Deck out your car and your dog in comfort, safety, and houndstooth style.  Get them while supplies last.  These dog car harness colors are being discontinued by the manufacturer.

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One Response to “Pet Auto Safety Travel Products in Houndstooth Style”

  1. TrixiesMom:

    These are too cute! I love the pink harness and seat cover.