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car barrier for dog 

Are you considering the purchase of a metal pet car barrier?  If so, it is very important that you consider all features before you buy.  A metal pet car barrier is expensive and would be a huge hassle to return.  Here are three important things to consider before you purchase a metal pet car barrier:

Dog Safety
The metal pet car barrier is pressure mounted into your vehicle.  What is pressure mounted?  It means that the barrier stays in place with pressure.  It is not screwed or glued in.  Although not permanently installed, the pressure mounting of a metal pet car barrier is very strong.  The manufacturer stands by its durability and says it will not slip out of place, even if force is applied.  This means that your dog is confined to the back of the vehicle, even in the event of a car accident.

Size and Determination of Your Dog
If you have a big dog, the space between the bars may not be too much of a concern.  However, if you have a small or medium-sized dog a metal pet car barrier, such as the Euro-Bar or T-Flex pet car barrier, may not keep your dog in the back as intended.  Also consider your dog’s temperament.  Will he try to climb through the pet car barrier?  Even if he is a big dog and won’t fit, this can still be an issue.

Size of Your Vehicle
The metal pet car barrier comes in various sizes.  But the manufacturer has not determined which pet car barrier will fit which type of vehicle.  There are hundreds of different types of vehicles and new models coming out every year.  So the only way to determine if a metal pet car barrier will fit your car is if you measure the inside of your car and compare to the size range of the pet car barrier.  For the wire mesh pet car barrier, you will need to consider the wheel humps and the curvature of the ceiling as well.

What happens if you purchase the metal pet car barrier and find that your dog gets through or it won’t fit?  You can send it back to the manufacturer but not for a full refund.  The manufacturer charges a 15% restock fee and will not refund shipping.  If you have to send the pet car barrier back to the manufacturer, then you will need to make sure to include all the parts and package it well.  Because if it is damaged or parts are missing upon the return to the manufacturer, the manufacturer will not give any refund.

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One Response to “Three Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Metal Pet Car Barrier”

  1. BeagleRescue:

    Unless you have a really big dog, I can see how a dog can get through the barrier you have pictured above. I use crates for my dogs. And the crates are strapped in or secured.