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January 18, 2011


If you are traveling with your dog during the cold weather season, here are a few good pet travel tips:

*Make sure your dog is completely dry after grooming before taking them out in the cold.
*Consider a dog sweater and booties for small dogs or dogs which are sensitive to the cold.  A dog sweater may good even if your cold-sensitive dog is riding in the car with the heater on.  The heater may not be felt as well in the back where you dog is sitting.
*After walks or outdoor play, check your dog’s feet for ice.  Ice balls can form, especially if your dog has long hair around their feet.  Trimming the long hair may help.  Remove ice with a warm washcloth.  Also check their feet for cuts and frostbite.
*Walking dogs on sidewalks melted with salt is okay but make sure you rinse their feet off with warm water afterwards.
*When going for walks, keep your dog on a leash at all times.  Dogs can get lost in the snow because all the scent markers have been covered.  Keeping them on a leash will also keep them from running over ice and falling through into a body of water.  If your dog falls in the water, call for help.  Do not go after him yourself.
*If you travel with your dog, don’t leave him alone in the car.  In summer months where your car becomes an oven, the opposite occurs in winter where your car becomes a refrigerator.  Keep a blanket in your car for in case your car breaks down or you get stuck in snow.

*Check out our more extensive list of cold weather tips for dogs at our American Dog Blog.

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