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Will the Dog Seat Cover Slip?

Author: MayaAndPierson
January 9, 2011


The Guardian Gear or Cruising Companion brand dog seat cover has good attachment methods at top and bottom.  The corners of the dog seat cover have stretchy straps which stretch over the corners of the top back cushion and the bottom front cushion.  If you have headrests or can pull your seats forward, and if you can pull up the bottom cushions, there are additional straps will make the dog seat cover more secure and have less slipping.  I have two big dogs in my back seat with the blue plaid dog seat cover and have never had the dog seat cover slip off.

(Black quilt dog seat cover with corner straps and other connecting straps)

Our only issue with the dog seat cover is that it does not have straps for the middle where the two seat cushions meet.  As a result, the dog seat cover does not rest as nicely flat in the middle as the photo shows.

Our Guardian Gear and Cruising Companion dog seat cover brands which have the corner straps and additional straps include the quilted back seat cover, houndstooth dog seat cover, brown paw print back seat cover, heated dog seat cover, and the blue and pink plaid dog seat cover.

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One Response to “Will the Dog Seat Cover Slip?”

  1. Debbie783:

    Mine is holding up well. I really like it. One of the clips broke, though. But since I don’t really use the clips, it doesn’t matter.