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Dog Travel New Year’s Resolution

Author: MayaAndPierson
December 31, 2010


If you and your dog are tired of being cooped up for the winter, it is time to get up and get out.  I know it is cold, but if your dog likes snow, he will love a snow day at the dog park.  Or just take him to the park with the kids for a little snow sledding.  But if you are not for spending time outdoors, go to a Starbucks drive through, get a hot coffee, and ask for a buttered croissant and give your dog a piece or two.  A trip to a pet store to look at all the dog toys would be fun too!

The benefits of traveling with your dog are many.  First, your dog will learn to be a better traveler.  Second, your dog gets more socialization and the more socialization, the better he gets with other people and other pets.  Third, the more your dog goes out, the more exercise he gets.  And finally, the better he gets at riding in the car, the more likely you are to take him on long road trips instead of leaving him at a boarding kennel.

Wherever you travel with your dog this year, be sure you travel in safety.  Have your dog wear a dog seat belt.  If he is not used to wearing a dog seat belt, take small trips like to Starbucks or pet stores or dog parks.  The more he rides with his dog seat belt on, the more he will get used to it and be ready for the long haul.

Have fun this year and travel safe!

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