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November 21, 2010


“My dog just won’t tolerate a dog seat belt.”  That is what we hear from people all the time.  Most people think a dog wearing a seat belt is a great idea – just not for their dog.  We agree that it can be very difficult to get a dog used to wearing a dog seat belt.  So while you may or may not be working with your dog to get him used to the idea of wearing a dog seat belt, we have an alternative.

The Front Seat Pet Car Barrier made by Outward Hound is perfect for keeping your small to medium-sized dog in the back seat.  It is easy to use and a very inexpensive alternative to other pet car barrier products.

The Front Seat Pet Car Barrier by Outward Hound is attached using long nylon straps.  Simply unclip the straps.  Then wrap the top half shorter straps around the headrests of your front seats and the bottom half longer straps around the bottom of the front seats.  Lastly, tighten the straps for a snug fit.

*Please note, the Front Seat Pet Car Barrier by Outward Hound may not be enough to keep a big dog in the back seat.

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