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October 31, 2010


For some time we have had the Pet Buckle brand dog seatbelt for large dogs.  Pet Buckle brand is a fantastic brand because their products have been crash tested, whereas other dog seatbelts have only been strength tested.  But we didn’t have a crash tested dog seatbelt for small dogs – Not until now, that is.

This Pet Buckle Dog Seatbelt fits most dogs under 20 pounds with a chest size of 10 to 20 inches.  Choose from the standard Pet Buckle Dog Seatbelt or the Pet Buckle Dog Seatbelt with a Kwik-Connect Tether.

The Pet Buckle Dog Seatbelt without the tether has a loop on the back in which the seatbelt of the car goes through.  This is great for dogs who don’t move around too much in the car.  However, if your dog is likely to try to struggle out of the harness or if your dog will want to move around a lot, it is best to get the Pet Buckle Dog Seatbelt with the Kwik-Connect Tether.  The Kwik-Connect Tether latches onto the back of the dog travel harness and to the Latch Bar between the seats of your car.  The Kwik-Connect Tether gives your dog more freedom to move around in the back seat and helps reduce the risk of your dog getting tangled in the dog seatbelt system.

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One Response to “New Crash Tested Dog Seatbelt for Small Dogs”

  1. Rachell:

    I think seat belts for dogs are important. I’m glad I finally found a dog seat belt which has actally been crash tested.