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November 3, 2010


We here at Pet Auto don’t just sell pet auto safety supplies, we use them too.  In fact, Sephi has worn a dog car seatbelt ever since she was a puppy.  That was nine years ago and Pet Auto has only been around for four years.

Sephi is the reason I started this business.  Maya is the reason why I keep doing it.  Without their safety harnesses, traveling with them would be a hassle and potentially dangerous for both them and me.

But I don’t just have them use a dog car seatbelt.  Since starting Pet Auto, I have found lots of great pet auto safety travel supplies.  One thing which I love is the Extend-A-Seat.  The Extend-A-Seat covers the floor of the car so that Sephi and Maya have more room to move around.  We have gone to Texas and back a few times and having more room really makes the long trip more comfortable.  I wish I could have that much extra space!

I also really like the pet window barriers.  The Breeze Guard pet window barriers are great for letting in fresh air without allowing my dogs to stick their heads out the window.  The Breeze Guard pet window barriers keep my dogs from being hurt by flying debris and they prevent my dogs from being able to jump out or fall out of the window.

The dog car seat cover is also a blessing.  Maya loves to get wet at the dog park but the last thing I want is a wet dog getting the seats of my car soak and wet.  Without the dog car seat cover, that wet dog smell would be absorbed into the seat cushions forever.  The dog car seat cover also keeps mud and dog hair off my seat cushions.

Does your dog ride in the car?  If so, do you have any pet travel supplies in your car?  What works best for your dog when he travels in the car?

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One Response to “What Does the Pet Auto Car Have?”

  1. Lasandra Pitt:

    I have a pet car hammock and my dogs wear their seat belts!