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October 16, 2010

We have recently posted a video about how to put on the dog car harness.  If you aren’t able to view videos or if couldn’t see the inserted photos in the video, we have posted them here for your review.


Dog Car Harness Photo 1 – This is a photo of the dog car harness when it comes out of the box.  It looks like a tangled mess and can be a bit daunting.  But putting on a dog car harness is easier than it first looks.


Dog Car Harness Photo 2 – First, find the metal D-ring.  The D-ring is on the top of the dog car harness.


Dog Car Harness Photo 3 – Unclip the strap from the D-ring.  There are four straps coming off the top of the dog car harness where the D-ring is.  The two closest to the D-ring come off perpendicularly on either side and connect into a big circle.  This will go around the dog’s chest behind their front legs.  The next two straps also come off perpendicularly on either side and connect into a circle.  This circle is smaller and will go around the dog’s upper chest in front of their front legs.


Dog Car Harness Photo 4 – Unclip the straps making the large circle.

seatbelt5.jpgDog Car Harness Photo 5 – With the D-ring at the top, slide the smaller circle over the dog’s head.  The long padded strip goes down the dog’s chest.  Even though you unclipped the large circle, there is a place for you to put the dog’s right leg.  Once you get the dog’s leg through there, clip the two straps of the big circle together behind the dog’s front legs.Adjust the lengths of the straps so that the dog car harness is snug around the dog’s body.  Don’t make it too tight.  The dog car harness should be as loose and as snug as you would make their dog collar.

As the final step, clip the strap back onto the D-ring, put your dog in the car, and buckle the other end of the strap into the seat belt receptacle.

Hopefully these pictures and instructions will help you put your new dog car harness on your dog.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We are happy to help!  J

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