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car barrier for dog

At Pet Auto, we have a lot of great metal pet auto barriers for hatch back cars, SUVs, and mini vans.  These pet auto barriers are durable and sturdy.  And they are great for keeping your dog in the back area away from the driver.  This is also safe for you if you are in a car accident because your dog won’t become a lethal projectile.

But there could be one issue with these pet auto barriers.  Because the pet auto barriers are set up using a pressure system, there is a small possibility that the pet auto barriers could slip out of place.  Check out our September 4, 2010 post titled, Advantages and Disadvantages on the Euro Bar and T-Flex Pet Car Barrier.

Most of the time, the slipping is not an issue.  In fact, we have never had a complaint about one slipping until recently.  And it wasn’t really a complaint so much as a solution to the slipping problem.  Check out this comment from our customer, Joyce, who ordered one of the Euro 6-Bar pet auto barriers.

“The installation as we did it (following the instructions) seemed to slip on the carpeting of the back-seat-down type situation. OK. We are inventive people. What we did was just get a 2″ x 6″ board, carved out a circular hole fitting the lower cup dimension about 1/4″ deep, and reinstalled the barrier. Good. Doesn’t slide on the carpeting any more. Just this last weekend, I and the 90# shepherd had a 4-hour ride (twice), and although he leaned against the barrier it did not slip. It seems to work well. But keep our “invention” in mind in case you have other customers with the same problem. Perhaps that solution would help them, too.”

This is a great solution!  However, not all customers will have the means to carve a circular hole into a board.  So if you have carpeting which you think might be slippery, consider all types of pet auto barriers before buying.  If one of the Euro Bar or T-Flex pet auto barriers is the best solution for your dog, understand that if it is slipping, you may end up either returning the item or you may need to implement Joyce’s solution.  If you don’t have a way to carve a hole, a hardware store may be able to do it.

Thanks, Joyce, for the very helpful information!  J

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3 Responses to “Testimonial – Solution to the Euro Bar and T-Flex Pet Auto Barriers”

  1. Lindsay:

    Do they make something like this for regular cars? I’d like to keep dogs from climbing into my front seat. I drive a Pontiac Grand Am, and the dogs are expected to ride sitting on my back seat. I’ve trained my dog to do this, but other dogs are not as well trained.

  2. SephiAndMaya:

    Lindsay. The T-Flex barrier may fit in a car. You would want to measure your car first to make sure. There is also a canvas barrier. Visit our barriers page at the webiste.

    Thanks! 🙂