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September 6, 2010

Both Sephi and Maya have been wearing their dog seat belts since they were puppies.  For Sephi, that is 9 years (since 2001).  For Maya, that has been 3 years (since 2007).  That is a very long time.

But with Sephi, she hasn’t worn the dog seat belt every time she has been in the car.  In fact, I used to be rather lax about making her wear it.  I generally only made her wear her dog seat belt when I was going to use the highway.  This was a big mistake.  First of all, Sephi was a distraction when she wasn’t wearing her dog seat belt because she would put her front feet on the center console and keep her head right by my head as I drove.  It was very diverting when she sniffed me or licked me or just panted in my face.  Second, Sephi wasn’t safe even when I wasn’t driving at high speeds on the highway.  An emergency push on the brake or a sudden swerve sent her flying.  Luckily, she was never hurt.  But after an incident which left her crying, I decided that Sephi would wear her dog seat belt every time she was in the car, even if I was just going down the street to the bank drive-through.

Well, this tells you why I have Sephi and Maya wear their dog seat belts, but it doesn’t tell you how they like them.  Just check out the above dog video and see for yourself.  As you can see, they get so happy and excited when I get out their dog seat belts.  Despite their excitement, they do pretty well at holding still while I put them on.

Sephi and Maya have been wearing their dog seat belts for so long, that they don’t know what it is like to ride in the car without them.  They have learned to associate the dog seat belts with car rides, so they see dog seat belts as fun.

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2 Responses to “What Does Sephi & Maya Have to Say About Their Dog Seat Belts?”

  1. TrixiesMom:

    Too Cute!!!! I hope my dog likes her seat belt this much.

  2. Rescue Dog Mom:

    Too cute! I wish my dogs like their seat belts as much. 🙂