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car barrier for dog

The biggest advantage of using a Euro Bar or T-Flex pet car barrier is that you have a better chance of keep both you and your dog safe than you would if your dog had free-range throughout the vehicle.  By keeping your dog in the back with a pet car barrier, you can help alleviate the distraction of your dog trying to get in the front with the driver.  Also, in the event of a car accident your dog is less likely to become a flying projectile which could seriously injure or kill front passengers.  A pet car barrier will also prevent your dog from getting thrown through the front windshield.

Another advantage is that the pressure-method of the pet car barrier will not damage the interior of your vehicle.  You do not need to screw anything in or use messy adhesives.  This pressure-method also makes the pet car barrier easy to install as well as easy to remove when not needed.  And in many cases, you may even be able to use the pet car barrier in different similar-sized vehicles.

A drawback of the Euro Bar and T-Flex pet car barrier is that it is not as sturdy as the type of pet car barrier which police cars use.  This is because the pet car barrier used in police cars is screwed and welded in.  While the pressure-method of the Euro Bar and T-Flex pet car barrier is reasonably secure, it may move or bend in the most severe types of car accidents.

Another drawback of the Euro Bar and T-Flex pet car barrier is it may not work in cars with a sunroof.  Also, you may want to consider the placement of the pet car barrier in relation to the rear doors.  The pet car barrier needs something in which to put pressure on and if the sunroof or door is open, the stability of the pet car barrier may be compromised.

If you can think of any other advantages or disadvantages of the Euro Bar or T-Flex pet car barrier, please share it with us.  Any information you provide will help our readers make a decision about what is best for them and their pets.

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