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August 1, 2010


Check out Oliver in his new “chariot”… ie, dog booster seat.  Isn’t he adorable!  A dog booster seat is great for a little dog. Just check out what Oliver has to say. Oliver is comfortable and he can look out the window without having to stand on his hind legs. And most importantly, Oliver is safe. The dog booster seat is strapped to the front seat of the car. And it has another strap inside which clips onto the back of Oliver’s harness. That way, if his mom has to stop suddenly, poor Oliver doesn’t fly forward into the dash, the windshield, or onto the floor.

The dog booster seat which Oliver is riding is the red Outward Hound Dog Booster Seat.

Read the great testimonial from Oliver’s mom at the All Things Dog Blog.  Thanks Oliver for being so photogenic and for enjoying your dog booster seat.

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