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July 2, 2010


Yes, his name is Lester – Don’t laugh. It is a name passed down from his mom and dad through his AKC registration papers. Although Lester is a pure-bred Cocker Spaniel with papers, his current owners did not buy him. He was adopted from the local shelter. Lester was given up by his previous owners because he had separation anxiety issues and they had no time to keep up with his grooming. The shelter said that when Lester was turned in to them, his hair was so long and matted that when it was shaved off, they found a batch of maggots living in his fur.

But Lester is a happy dog now. He has a great home with people that love him and take care of him. It was a trial helping him to get over his separation anxiety, but he was worth it. His owners love Lester very much. But they never thought about him wearing a dog seat belt until it was almost too late.

One day when Lester and his family were on their way to the dog park, another car ran a red light. The family car was right in the intersection when it happened and they got t-boned. The passenger side of the car was smashed in and glass went flying everywhere. The human passengers were jostled and bruised, but poor Lester was thrown across the back seat of the car. He was terrified and in awful pain. Medics came and was able to tend to the human passengers and lift them into stretchers. But it was some time before anyone could help Lester. Because he was so scared, he would try to crawl away every time someone came near him. The police were afraid he would get out of the car and try to run so they stopped trying and called animal control for assistance.

Lester was eventually taken to the vet. He suffered a broken paw and bruised ribs, but he was otherwise okay. His owners realized the close call he had had and immediately began searching for a dog seat belt. They found us and ordered the Pet Buckle brand dog seat belt. The Pet Buckle brand dog seat belt is the best on the market. It is strong, durable, and easy to use. And it is the only dog seat belt which has been crash tested. If you know of another brand of dog seat belt which claims to have been crash tested, ask them for proof. The Pet Buckle Brand dog seat belt will not hesitate to provide you proof. In fact, you can find a link to the actual crash test video on this blog site. Just put “crash test” in the search field.

Thank you, Lester’s Family, for sharing this story.

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