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car barrier for dog

Jeffrey from the state of Washington likes to go hiking and camping. He takes his three big dogs with him and they all have a great time. While the hiking and camping are fun, the trips there and back are not. His three dogs used to have free range all throughout his SUV while he was driving. And it was a big distraction. All three dogs were constantly going from window to window and from front to back seats.

The situation was not at all safe. In fact, Jeffrey almost got into a car accident when two of his dogs started scuffling in the front seat. That was when he decided he had had enough. But he didn’t want to give up taking his dogs on these trips so he contacted us instead. Our recommendation was the Euro 6-Bar Pet Car Barrier. Jeffrey measured the inside of his SUV and determined that this pet car barrier would best fit his needs.

Once he received the pet car barrier, he says it was fairly easy for him to set up. And it kept his dogs from getting into the front. Jeffrey expected his dogs to try to get through the pet car barrier, but Rocky and Beaux could care less. Sasha was a bit upset at first. But soon she settled down and all was well. Jeffrey now has a safe ride with his dogs kept securely in the back with the Euro Pet Car Barrier.

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