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Comfy... can we go now???!!! 

This spring when it was time for Towser to travel in the car again while on his way to his disc and fetching tournaments, his owners decided it was probably a good idea to have Towser wear a dog car harness. Based on a recommendation from Paw Prints the Magazine, they called Pet Auto After speaking with Towser’s parents about his size and character, we recommended the large Houndstooth Dog Car Harness.

Towser is energetic and likes to move around a lot, we figured that the perfect dog car harness would be a Guardian Gear or Cruising Companion brand, such as the Houndstooth Dog Car Harness (Cruising Companion). The Guardian Gear and Cruising Companion brands of the dog car harness have a tether strap which can be buckled directly into the seat belt receptacle of the car. Because it is buckled directly, rather than a loop system like the Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness, Towser was less likely to get tangled if he decided to move around.

Because Towser is about 45 pounds and has a big chest, we decided that a large dog car harness would be best. It is best to measure a dog’s chest in order to properly gauge which size of dog car harness is needed, but since we have a dog who is about Towser’s build, we were pretty sure a large dog car harness would fit.

According to Towser’s owners, Towser did great with his Houndstooth Dog Car Harness. They were so pleased with it that they gave us a great review at Paw Prints the Magazine. To read this review, visit Paw Prints the To read more about Towser and his championship success, visit Team  There are lots of photos and even a video of Towser’s success!

Thanks Towser! We are so happy that we could help.

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