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Safety pet travel booster seats are great for small dogs who like to travel in the car. They also provide safety in that there is a strap in the seat which clips onto the back of your dog’s harness.

Outward Hounds has two safety pet travel booster seats. Both attach to most front passenger seats by a strap which hangs from the headrest and by a strap which wraps around the body of the seat. Because they hang from the headrest of your front seat, they do not trigger the passenger side airbags which can be dangerous rather than helpful for dogs. And because they hang, they allow your dog to look out the window. Being able to look out the window can help prevent car sickness in your dog.

The Kyjen safety pet travel booster seats are very much like the standard safety pet travel booster seats except the Kyjen ones have a cushioned bottom. Both safety pet travel booster seats provide a comfortable ride for pets up to 18 pounds.

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