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Bark Buckle UP is the recognized innovative leader and experts in pet auto travel safety. They evaluate pet products for safety functions, durability, quality, engineering, product design, and ease of use. Pet Auto is proud to promote the same pet products as approved by Bark Buckle UP: the Pet Buckle Kennel Restraint System and the Pet Buckle Dog Seat Belt Harness. Both the Kennel Restraint System and the Dog Seat Belt Harness designed and manufactured by Pet Buckle have been crash tested. Due to the extreme cost of crash testing, this is a rare feature in manufacturers of the dog seat belt harness. Bark Buckle UP also has a stat-tracker program which collects statistics about pet auto safety. This information is then used in improving the laws for pet auto safety. Pet auto safety is important not just for your dog, but for you and others on the road as well.

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