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March 30, 2010

There are lots of posts about the yellow lab named Tater Tot who escaped from the car after a car accident.  We had to share the story too since Tater Tot’s story is a good story to share to remind people that pets need to be buckled up too.

 Trish Dale of Warren, Vermont was in a car accident a few days ago.  Her dogs were with her in the car when Trish fell asleep at the wheel.  For the most part, everyone was not too seriously injured.  But both her dogs bolted out of the car to escape the scary event.  They were terrified and had no understanding of what had just happened.

 One of the dogs was found right away, but poor Tater Tot wasn’t found until three days later.  First, he is in a terrifying car accident, then he is separated from the people who could have given him comfort.

 Thankfully, everything ended well.  Tater Tot is back home with his loving family.  To read more about the car accident, check out

Remember, dogs wearing a dog car harness may have a better chance of survival than a dog without.  Not only are they saved from being projected out a window, but they are also kept from escaping from the car.  Tater Tot could have gotten hit by another car during his escape.  Or he could have died from injuries which could have been treated if he had been able to stay with the car.

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