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March 23, 2010

Dog Barriers Keep Natural Curiosity in Check

The two most important factors you need to consider before purchasing a pet car barrier are your vehicle and your dog.

What kind of vehicle do you have? The Euro-bar pet car barrier, T-flex pet car barrier, wire mesh pet car barrier, and pet car net will work better in an SUV or minivan than in a car. The cloth pet car barrier works well in cars, SUVs, or minivans. The dog car hammock also works with all types of vehicles if your dog is going to be in the back seat. A dog car hammock won’t work if your dog will be in the back cargo area of the SUV or minivan. The wire mesh pet car barrier works better in large SUVs or minivans than in the smaller utility vehicles or cars. The T-flex pet car barrier and pet car net works better with vehicles which don’t have much of a center console.

Is your dog big or small? The Euro-bar pet car barrier and T-flex pet car barrier will not work with small dogs and may not work well for medium sized dogs. The cloth pet car barrier will work with small dogs, but only if your vehicle has a center console and only if your dog can’t crawl under the seats. The cloth pet car barrier or dog car hammock may be too short and a big dog may want to jump or climb over it. The Backseat Pet Car Barrier has an extension to make it taller, but this may not be adequate for a determined dog.

Is your dog overly determined to get to you in the front seat? The pet car net should not be used for very determined dogs. A dog who paws at the pet car net may get tangled. And since the pet car net does not attach to your car in all places, a determined dog may try to squeeze through the openings on the sides. The cloth pet car barrier or dog car hammock may not work for a determined big dog but may work well with medium or smaller dogs.

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