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July 7, 2008

callieincar2.jpgIf your vehicle has passenger side airbags that can not be deactivated, then your dog should not be sitting in the front seat. This is true even if your dog is wearing a pet car safety harness or is in a pet safety travel seat. There is a warning in your vehicle manual and sometimes even on the visor that states no children under a certain age and no children in car seats are to be in the front seat. The vehicle manual generally does not state anything about pets but the same applies. This is because airbags are designed to protect adults and rather than save your pet, an airbag may end up seriously harming or possibly killing your pet instead.

So before allowing your dog to sit in the front seat, make certain that the front passenger side of your vehicle does not have airbags or that those airbags are turned off. And make sure that your dog is wearing a pet car safety harness or is secured to a pet safety travel seat.

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